NSTU Web Accounts

All NSTU members, and retired members, have access to a free NSTU webmail account.  NSTU webmail is the preferred means of communicating with our membership and provides a secure, encrypted, private web account accessible anywhere.  It also provides an opportunity for members to join mailing lists pertinent to the profession.  NSTU web account holders will also benefit from an online registration feature which automatically enters personal information into the appropriate fields when registering for conferences.

Opening an account

Opening an NSTU web account is automated.  By following the link below and entering the necessary information you can open an account.  Please be advised that you must be entered in the Membership Registry in order to open an account and you cannot open more than one account.  Once an account has been activated in your name the system will not process a second account for you.

The system will allow you to select your own username and request that you assign a password to your account.  You should note the policies relevant to usernames and passwords before you follow the link to process an account request:

Username Policy

  • Username must contain only alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9)
  • Username must be at least 5 characters in length
  • Username must have no more than 2 numeric characters

 IMPORTANT NOTE:  The Nova Scotia Teachers Union reserves the right to disable any account with a username which it deems inappropriate.

Password Policy

  • Password must have at least 8 characters
  • Password must have at least 2 numeric characters
  • Password must have at least 1 non-alphanumeric character (i.e., *, !)
  • Password cannot be the same as your username 

Click the button in the left hand margin to begin setting up your account

Set a secondary email for recovery options

This system allows an account holder to assign a secondary email to their NSTU web account for recovery options.  This is particularly beneficial for members who did not have an opportunity to select a question as a means for password retrieval.

Click here to set a secondary email

Password Recovery

If you follow the link below you will be presented with a screen with two options.  Either option will give you access to a screen where you can assign a new password to your account:  

  • If you set a secondary email and you select that option, the system will email a link to the password reset screen to your secondary email.
  • If, when you activated your account, you selected and answered a question for password retrieval, you can select this option.  Answering your question will take you directly to the password reset screen. 

Click here for password recovery

Username Recovery

In order to utilize this feature you must assign a secondary email to your account (see instructions above.)

If you follow the link below the system will email you your username.

Click here for username recovery


If you currently hold an NSTU web account and require assistance please email webaccounts@nstu.ca.  Please include your professional number or NSCC employee number in the email and outline the details of the problem you are experiencing.

To access maintenance tips for your NSTU web account click here to download the PDF.